In harmony with nature

Being eco-friendly today is not a fashion but an expression of a conscious attitude

In line with the holistic approach to man, Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels take pro-ecological actions in many aspects of their activity.

  1. In place of plastic bags, we have introduced reusable bags made of natural materials.
  2. We encourage our guests to have their bed linen and towels changed for new on request, which saves water and energy.
  3. In less frequented areas, we used motion detectors that turn on the light.
  4. Plastic straws served with drinks in bars and restaurants have been replaced with paper ones.
  5. Each hotel offers bicycles and service stations, allowing guests to move around the area using one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport.
  6. To meet the needs of guests traveling by electric cars, we have installed electric charging stations, which can be used free of charge.
  7. The rooms are equipped with magnetic card readers. Taking the card out when leaving the room turns off the power.
  8. During conferences and in the rooms we serve mineral water in glass bottles.
  9. When serving meals outdoors and during open-air events, we serve food on ecological plates (made of oat bran) and use wooden cutlery.
  10. Lunch boxes only in paper bags.
  11. We support local producers, small manufacturers who produce food in an ecological way. We order products from them to our restaurants and promote these products and their producers during our flagship project Dr Irena Eris Tasty Stories.
  12. Our restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options.
  13. In the kitchen, we only use eggs from free-range hens.
  14. Our chefs are committed to preserving the culinary heritage, and serve regional delicacies many of which are prepare according to their own recipes, such as sourdough bread, honey from the hotel apiary and home-made preserves.

Being eco-friendly today is not a fashion but an expression of a conscious attitude resulting from concern for the future of the next generations.

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