With your own eyes

The sensitive eye area needs innovative products with precisely targeted action. The eye will also be delighted with the excellent design of the packaging and unusual formal solutions that guarantee effective anti-aging care.



Capsules reducing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Thanks to the high effectiveness of pure retinol, the treatment effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

EYES ZONE Precise Face Sculptor & Wrinkle Filler

This revolutionary magnetic massager precisely models and fills wrinkles ensuring the effect of
hydrated and immediately smoothened skin


Wrinkle-filling eye Cream-Gel for day and night.

The innovative and extremely effective Lipofiller contained in the cream reduces the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes, making them shallower by up to 21% after four weeks of use.

Precise night-time corrector of wrinkles around the eyes and lips with dual force—breakthrough technology and precise form
of application—ensures multi-level wrinkle filling and an immediate lifting effect of the delicate skin around the eyes and lips while sleeping.