Synergy of technologies

Keep your finger on the pulse. Try the latest cosmetic treatments that combine different technologies. It really works and allows you to achieve much better results.

Modern, specialist cosmetology can do increasingly more. The possibility of combining several technologies in one treatment accelerates skin renewal and allows to achieve much better results in a shorter time. Thanks to this, the effects of treatments are spectacular and more intensive than in the case of separate treatments.

The Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System device which was specially designed for Dr Irena Cosmetic Institutes enables such synergy of action by combining various face and body treatments, which, when performed separately are very effective, and additionally when combined with other technologies, can constitute an alternative to invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. The device was developed in cooperation with doctors and specialists from the Wrocław University of Technology.

Combining treatments is also advisable if you wish for a slimming effect.

If you wish for quick and deep regeneration you can get it by combining microdermabrasion with needleless mesotherapy and vacuum massage —dermadrenage. Then the action takes place in the system of three steps: exfoliation, regeneration, massage.

Combining treatments is also advisable if you wish for a slimming effect. Ultrasound liposuction using IR+ infrared technology and vacuum massage—the dermadrenage effectively combats excess body fat and allows to reduce the circumference of a specific part of the body.

When deciding on the so-called “combined” anti-aging technologies, which increase the effectiveness of care treatments, it should be remembered that all care programs should be carried out under the supervision of trained personnel, who will precisely select them for the best fit for your skin.