Smog under control

Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Anti-Pollution SPF 50

We try to buy unprocessed food, we stay active, keep the balance between the body and soul, only smog keeps us up at night. How do we protect ourselves from it? Does an effective barrier against pollution exist?

Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Anti-Pollution SPF50 - Anti-wrinkle SPF50 face cream for day acts as a protective coat for the skin. It guarantees all-day protection of the skin against air pollution, harmful UVA, UVB, IR, HEV radiation and free radicals. And, most importantly, it blocks the access of smog particles—gases, dust, heavy metals. The Puri-City technology creates an invisible protective barrier, reducing environmental pollution on the skin and making it easier to remove it. In addition, the cream effectively inhibits photoaging processes, reducing oxidative stress and preventing irritation. The light texture gives the pleasure of everyday use and provides comfort for sensitive and allergic skin. The skin becomes moisturized, elastic and smooth. The complex of plant extracts has a detoxifying effect, restores shine and healthy appearance of the skin.

7 x YES

  • Protection against harmful external factors,
  • Inhibition of photoaging processes,
  • Anti-wrinkle effects,
  • Smog protection [PM2.5 SHIELD]*,
  • Broad range of protection SPF 50 [UVA, UVB, IR],
  • Protection against blue light [HEV],
  • Anti-radical protection [RPF].

** Results of in vivo studies at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.

What is smog?

It’s an atmospheric phenomenon caused by the mixing of fog with smoke and fumes. Smog = smoke + fog. It is created as a result of harmful chemical compounds getting into the atmosphere, such as sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxide, and solids, that is suspended particulates. Smog causes damage to the hydrolipid protective barrier of the skin, increases susceptibility to irritation, causes premature
aging, disrupts the basic functions of the skin and exposes it to free radicals.