New releases in skincare


The Dr Irena Eris Lumissima skincare line is based on an innovative technology using biotactic peptide and Pigment-Block Complex inspired by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 2004. The results include effective elimination of existing discolorations and prevention of new ones, as well as gentle brightening of the skin. Thanks to special peptides stimulating collagen production, the skin’s elasticity is increased and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Products in the line:

  • Brightening & Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 20
  • Whitening & Regenerating Night Cream
  • Instant Smoothness & Glow
  • Eye Cream Luminizing & Age Correcting Day Serum


The most effective active ingredients in the fight against the loss of facial contour and wrinkle reduction are sesamin, S-HA lipopeptide, and the new Telomere-Lift complex. Contained in the new Dr Irena Eris Volumeric line, they work to increase the formation and accumulation of lipids providing greater firmness, as well as smoothen and fill in skin irregularities. You can be sure to get a visible effect of wrinkle filling and instant improvement in skin smoothness.

Products in the line:

  • Intense Firming & Replenishing Day Cream SPF 20
  • Supplementary Firming & Smoothing Night Cream
  • Volume Filler Eye Cream SPF 20
  • Neck & Deccolete Sculpting Concentrate

Try our latest innovative lines Lumissima and Volumeric – unparalleled in everyday skincare routine.