Hotel etiquette

HOTEL ETIQUETTE A stay in a five-star hotel requires a knowledge of the etiquette

Good manners exist to ensure a better rest for everyone. Let’s see how to avoid making a faux pas.

Hotel bellboy

High-end hotels offer a bell service. A bellman has many responsibilities, such as opening hotel doors, carrying luggage, showing guests to their rooms, and even valet parking their cars. Do not decline his help just because your suitcase has wheels and you can do the work yourself. You should allow him to do his job. What’s important, when he shows you to your room, you will have a moment to check whether everything is in order, and, ask for a change of room if it’s not. The bellboy will pass the information to the reception desk and help you switch rooms.

Proper attire

We tend to easily forget about this while on vacation. In shared spaces, it is advised to wear something you would put on for a visit to someone’s house. If the hotel has a spa, a swimming pool, saunas, or a gym, leaving the room in a bathrobe is simply unavoidable. But leaving the room in a swimsuit only is not a good idea. Going to a hotel cafe or restaurant we have to change into more appropriate clothes. In high-end restaurants, also hotel ones, a formal outfit is required. For an evening meal, men should wear trousers, a shirt, and, ideally, a jacket. Shorts, sandals, flip-flops are off the table, even in sunny weather.

Elegance in restaurants and cafés

It’s important to dress appropriately. It’s also important to follow the relevant code of behavior. You should behave in a calm manner and avoid raising your voice. Like yourself, other guests came to rest and relax. If you absolutely have to take your mobile phone with you, put it on silent mode and don’t leave it on the table. Taking phone calls are also frowned upon – if you need to answer the phone, please do so outside.

Plentiful breakfast

Breakfast buffets are one of the most pleasant hotel experiences. Freshly-baked bread, a selection of cheeses and cold cuts, eggs served in any way the guests may wish for. You might even want to try everything! But it’s good to keep your portions rational and take second helpings if needed. Take a clean plate each time, and don’t worry about dirty tableware – it will be taken care of by the staff.

Children in the hotel

No matter what are your preferred upbringing methods, while staying in a hotel, and especially a spa hotel, you have to abide by the rules and make sure your children are not disrupting other guests. You need to pay extra attention to them especially in the so-called quiet zones, saunas, or restaurants. Moreover, for their own safety, it is advised to make sure your kids are not running around among waiters at work.

Relax in the sauna

Bathing suits and swimming shorts are made of synthetic fabrics, which – when combined with high temperatures – can cause burns on contact. This means you should not wear a swimsuit, jewelry or glasses while in the sauna. You don’t have to be naked, you can be wrapped in a cotton towel, which you have to bring with you as something to sit on. A sauna is a quiet place, so keep your volume as quiet as possible.


Ground rules

  • To avoid uncomfortable situations, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with hotel regulations. In most cases, the sole reason for breaking the rules is simply not knowing they exist.
  • While making appointments for certain hotel services, you too need to be punctual, especially if you plan on using the treatments performed by cosmeticians or masseuses.
  • Protect the environment. In most hotels, the rule is that towels left on the floor are exchanged for clean ones. Refrain from doing so until necessary.
  • Feel free to take disposable items like soaps and shampoos left for you in the room. If you wish to take hotel robes or towels home, you can ask to purchase those at the reception desk.

This article was written in collaboration with Łukasz Kielban,